Why do we wear uniforms for dance?

Wednesday 17th November 2021

"I think it's a beautiful thing when you wear a uniform or a garb which represents a group of people, because what it immediately symbolizes is oneness, togetherness" - Nia Long (actress) Dancers have worn their "uniforms" to perform for centuries. It is strange to call them uniforms as you never like to think that you are wearing this "uniform" to carry out a job. You are doing what you love to do. When we dance, we are creating art. Our art form needs to be respected and shown the grace and glamour it deserves. Traditionally all ballet dancers wear their leotards and tutus to show respect to their art form and all the ballet dancers which came before them. Most professions wear…

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Saturday 6th November 2021
Michelle Sidwell

Summer at MSAOD has been full of exciting things for our students. We have some exceptional dancers here and felt that we needed to let you know how proud we are of you all!! So we have dedicated the November Blog to you! Firstly, we want to say a huge congratulations to all students who took their exams back in June this year. They had been delayed 3 times due to Covid, but we have seen a 100% pass rate this year which is absolutely incredible! We are so proud of you all! The next congratulations must go to our girls Polly and Amber, who appeared in a production of Annie at The Brook Theatre in Chatham from 29th-31st October. We are…

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