Combined Class - Reception - Year 3

Combined Class - Ballet, Tap & Modern - R-YR 3

Primary & Grade 1 Combined Class

Our combined class is one of our most popular classes at MSAOD. This beginners-improvers class combines ISTD Classical Ballet, ISTD Tap Dance & ISTD Modern Theatre in every lesson. The lesson is 75mins long and has 25mins each of Classical Ballet, Tap Dance & Modern Theatre.

Classical ballet follows the ISTD Primary or Grade 1 syllabus (dependent on age). As the foundation of all dance styles, Ballet classes will teach posture, grace, poise and good technique. Classical music is used as well as modern music to ensure that the lessons although structured remain fun for all pupils.

Tap follows the ISTD Pre-Primary & Primary Tap syllabus (dependent on age) which works on placement, technique, rhythm & co-ordination. The grades have recently been re-developped and are very current using a variety of music styles, ranging from traditional piano music to show tunes and even some urban music. I have found that the pupils love the diverse range of styles of the new syllabus

Modern follows the ISTD Primary & Grade 1 Modern Theatre syllabus (dependent on age) which consists of a number of exercises and amalgamations designed to introduce rhythm & rhythmicality, technique, stretching & strengthening. The syllabus works on dance movements including practising turns, kicks & leaps.

This class is an ISTD Examination class and pupils aged 6years+ may be entered for examinations once they reach the required standard.

Combined Class - Ballet, Tap & Modern - R-YR 3