My daughter joined Michelle's when she was 3 and will be reluctantly leaving this year at 18!
The shows, dance exams, choreography competitions and performing at Eurodisney have been wonderful experiences and fantastic memories for us both. Michelle & Emily push the pupils to do their best and are committed - always encouraging and in a supportive and friendly environment .
I would highly recommend Michelle's if you have a child that loves to perform as the annual shows are a highlight!
The dance academy has been part of my daughters life for almost 15yrs and we will both miss it.

Chloe Foley, Parent

I would highly recommend this Academy to all children with the desire to pursue a career in dance or who just enjoy dancing. They will not be disappointed.
My daughter joined Michelle Sidwells Academy of Dance at the age of 7 and since the first day she walked through the door she has not looked back. The school has a very friendly atmosphere and performs at many local community events including an annual show every year at the Bob Hope Theatre in Eltham. The professionalism and commitment of the teachers drives their pupils to achieve their personal goals within the Dance School. My daughter will be going into her last year at the Academy in September and is now looking at auditioning for Dance College with a dance career in mind. She has grown into a confident and enthusiatic dancer and is now also seen as a role model for the younger children who are now graduating through the same programme that Ella has gone through over the years.

Debbie Mierzysnki, Parent

'I've been at the academy for 14 years attending 2-3 times a week. From a shy 4 year old aspiring to be like the older students, to being that older girl myself, I've learnt so much! I've had such an enjoyable experience filled with so many opportunities, making lifelong friends and memories. The annual shows were definitely a highlight, filled with excitement, anticipation and of course, lots of sequins! Whether dancing toward a career or just for fun it's such a big family with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and it really did feel like a home from home with such a supportive network of people. I Have such fond memories of Michelle and the academy that will last a lifetime, thank you!"

Ellie Shaw, Student

My daughter has been attending Michelle's school since she was 4. She's now 9 and has signed up to as many classes as she can. The classes are really well run and Michelle, Emily and Courteney are fantastic teachers. The annual show each year is a highlight, as are the performances throughout the year in the local community. My daughter used to be very nervous to get on stage but now she doesn't worry at all. She can't wait until she's older to be a student helper; the older students are great role models. My son also attends the school, and he wasn't keen at first as he is the only boy in his class but he loves it now and has really come out of his shell.

Claire Tucker, Parent

I enrolled my daughter into Ballet classes with Michelle Sidwell when she was just 3 years old. My daughter loved dancing and before too long was taking Tap, Modern and Jazz with Musical Theatre soon to follow. My daughter flourished and dance has been and will be such a big part of her life, all thanks to not just my daughter's dedication, but to the support and encouragement given to her by the Academy.

Sandra Hipwell, Parent