Dancing your way through your GCSE's and A Levels

Friday 18th March 2022

Exams are tough. It takes hard work and dedication to get through your school exams. Just like it takes hard work and dedication to be a dancer.

Dancing can be one of the best activities to do during a potentially stressful time; it can actually benefit you! Keep reading to find out how!

Exercise is known for being one of the best ways to de-stress and is the most underused activity for stress relief. As you already love dance, take advantage and use it for relief from exam stress.

All the long hours of revision and course work can take its toll on anyone, no matter what your age. The time you set aside for rest, recuperation, fun and exercise is just as important as staying focused and on target to get good grades; its all about balance.

If you lose focus after a long day, taking some time after school to come to your dance class can be a great way to clear your head. Focusing on dance for an hour and taking time away from your books or computer can re-focus your mind. You will find once you go back to work you will have a new mind set, fresh and reset to absorb some more information.

If you are finding it hard to sleep and find your mind racing with all the information from revision, a good stretching session should relax your body and mind. Keeping those muscles supple is important for dance. Keeping your mind rested and relaxed is important for study.

If you have some outside space at home, take your dance practise outside. Getting some fresh air and being outside in nature is so good for your mind. And who doesn't love dancing outside in the sun?

Dancing can also boost your memory. It increases your energy levels which kicks your brain back into gear. Dancing will also release the happy hormones in your brain which helps with any anxiety or feelings of stress, sadness or overwhelming feelings. Dancing will literally make you happier! (although you know that already! class!)

At MSAOD we understand the stresses and strains of school exams. Anything we can do to help or guide you during this time in your life, please just come and talk to us, and Good Luck!!