Why do we wear uniforms for dance?

Why do we wear uniforms for dance?

Wednesday 17th November 2021

"I think it's a beautiful thing when you wear a uniform or a garb which represents a group of people, because what it immediately symbolizes is oneness, togetherness" - Nia Long (actress)

Dancers have worn their "uniforms" to perform for centuries. It is strange to call them uniforms as you never like to think that you are wearing this "uniform" to carry out a job. You are doing what you love to do.
When we dance, we are creating art. Our art form needs to be respected and shown the grace and glamour it deserves. Traditionally all ballet dancers wear their leotards and tutus to show respect to their art form and all the ballet dancers which came before them.
Most professions wear a uniform. Nurses and Doctors, Police men and women. When they put on their uniform, they look professional and emerge from their everyday selves. Dancers put on their uniforms, and take on that part of their persona that makes them want to create. You engage into that part of yourself, and become the dancer within you.
They also promote equality. Everyone comes in as the same. No matter what background you are from, everyone enters this dance world the same. There is no judgment in here.
Not only do we wear it for these reasons, there is also the practicality side of things. No matter if you are dancing in class, at a competition or for your esteemed audience, they all need to see your movements clearly. Your alignment, your smooth lines and graceful moves. It looks clean and can make sure nothing is missed.
And don't forget the glamour! There is something quite magical to watch every dancer perform in a graceful and glamourous costume that brings the stage to life!

At MSAOD, we pride ourselves on making sure all our dancers look neat and tidy and professional. It brings us all together as a dance family and team, as well as instilling a much needed discipline. We do expect all our dancers to come in their correct uniform and also to have their hair neat and tidy. Correct uniform and grooming is expected for all examinations too.
For all grade 2 ballet dancers and upwards, a bun is required. For all Modern, Tap, Street, Body Conditioning and Musical Theatre Classes girls are required to wear their hair in a ponytail. For Combined Class and Pre-School we require you to wear your hair neatly off your face.
We are aware of some shortages of correct uniform items; however, our online store does have alternatives available. This should ensure students will have everything that they need to be nicely turned out for class. If you cannot find what you need, you can contact Dancers Box in Erith or Stage Door in Sidcup to see what their stock levels are like.
This will maintain our high standards and stand you in good stead if you wish to pursue a career in the dance industry.

Watch this video for the perfect ballet bun!